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Need more design inspiration? Looking for some design flair in your world?

Sign up now and receive a free subscription to The Interior Dialogue magazine, an interior design magazine with plenty of design inspiration. If you are looking for those special items for your home, or if you work as an interior designer and want a large catalog of products for your clients, this is the magazine to get. It is published every other month and is packed with products, articles, and great deals!

You also get exclusive discounts for our signature collections.

Are You A Busy Interior Designer On The Run?

Are you constantly looking for new ways to learn more about interior design?

Here at The Interior Dialogue, we like to utilize every possible minute when it comes to building and growing a business, design spaces, and shop products. And this includes utilizing every minute while commuting, shopping, and taking walks to enjoy the fresh air in between projects.

We have therefore created The Interior Dialogue Audio Series. The audio series are individual podcast series you can listen to on your phone via iTunes and Stitcher Radio. The audio series will be released later this year.