You may want to contact The Interior Dialogue if you have a question about our website or our magazine. We all have questions and we all want answers at some point. Our office is located in Toronto, but it is not openly available to the public. It is best to use the email below to reach us.

Want to contact Malene? You have come to the right place. Malene Jorgensen is located in Toronto, Ontario. Although she enjoys her readers and the constant feedback from her readers through her website and social media accounts, she doesn’t have an office open to the public. If you wish to meet Malene, please check out her Twitter account to see where she will be hanging out. You never know where she ends up.

You can also check out her Facebook page or her Instagram page, where she will post pictures from her book-writing journey and pictures from her personal life. Jorgensen will also announce any upcoming projects, programs or products on her social media pages.

If you do have a specific question, comment or concern, please use the email address on this page. While Malene will be happy to answer questions regarding availability of her books and events, she does not give any professional advice or design consulting through email.

Please allow 48 hours for a reply.


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Malene Jorgensen Media
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Toronto, ON