Furniture statement pieces can either make or break your design. If you are the kind of person who likes to design to design in black, white, grays or neutrals, your furniture can be your statement piece. But if you are the color palette kind of person, who don’t know when to stop adding color to a space, then you may want to steer clear of the following pieces.

However, furniture statement pieces should be fun. They should be the eye-grabber in the room, the one thing that your eye goes to when you enter the space. Furniture statement pieces are fun and should reflect your personality. Which of the following would you add to your space?

1. If you want a warmer statement piece in your home, consider this Cosgrove Sofa by Langley Street. It is available on for $930.99.

2. If blue is more your color and you want something simple but bold, consider this BALKARP Sofa-bed. It is a bit cheaper as it is an IKEA product and it will cost you around $199.00. But you can definitely make this couch pop with some bright pillows.

3. Of course, you don’t need to focus on a couch to get a statement piece going in your space. If you have more neutral and lighter shades in your design, consider this POÄNG Armchair with a white frame. It’s called Seglora natural and costs $299.00.

4. If you have a larger space, such as a hallway or perhaps a bedroom, you could get the Clare Tokatli upholstered storage Ottoman by Latitude Run. While it isn’t bright in color, it can definitely grab your attention if placed correctly in a space. Get it on for $225.99.

5. Some people have the space to create a little reading area or perhaps a casual living room. If you are designing such a space and want some chairs that capture your attention, then check out the STOCKHOLM armchair in Mosta gray. It retails for $499.00 at IKEA.

6. You may also want something completely outrageous that will have people questioning your design choices. The IKEA PS 2017 corner chair with 18 cushions will be the one for you. It is white and dark blue and it retails for $262.82. At least you won’t run out of cushions.

7. Some people would argue that animal print never goes out of style. And when it comes to furniture statement pieces, you want it to be stylish. This STOCKHOLM Footstool in delicate white and black can be yours for $399.00 at IKEA.

8. If you are on a tight budget but want something stylish for your statement piece, consider this ALSEDA stool made from banana fiber. If placed correctly, it can truly be an eye-catcher. Get it for $39.99 at IKEA.



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