We want to know how to create a cozy mood with a few items on a budget, so we decided to go digging a bit. A few years back, H&M decided to expand their already popular clothing stores with something for the home. And we couldn’t be more excited. The choices for the home fall in line with the style or persona that they are targeting with their fashions and we are in love. You won’t find anything this stylish for such affordable prices.

While the items can give you plenty of personality in your home, you can also create a cozy space for you and yours. We’ve gathered some of our favorites from H&M home here. This is meant to inspire you when it comes to decorating a cozy space.

1. This large candle in a ceramic pot is $19.99 and is a wonderful statement piece in a modern space. Sometimes, a modern space can be too cluttered in terms of color, so you can use this white and neutral piece to create a cozy mood in everything from a larger space to a studio apartment.

2. If your definition of a cozy space involves warmer tones and conversation pieces, then consider getting this brass figurine for $34.99. While it does make a statement on its own, you could get two and tell a story of the ‘love birds.’ Either way, the brass tone helps create a cozy mood, as it will warm up your space.

3. In order to create a cozy mood, you will need your space to smell divine. Consider getting a scented candle, but don’t go for a vanilla or lavender candle. Everyone has those. Instead, splurge and get something like this green tea and bergamot candle in a jar for $19.99.

4. While leopard print may scream party, it could also scream relaxation. It really depends on the kind of person you are. When we saw this leopard-print cup for just $12.99, we just had to add it to our collection.

5.  If you associate cozy with napping with a blanket or perhaps digesting the latest documentary on Netflix, then we would add the Jacquard-weave blanket to your shopping list. You can get it now for $39.99.

6. Ah yes, you can’t create a cozy environment without some candles. And while your tea lights may not do it for you anymore, consider adding this small metal candlestick to your home for just $12.99.

7. We love things that have personality and charm, and this animal-motif plant pot would be perfect on a table with a cute little flower in it. You can plant any color flower you wish and change it up as the season changes. That’s the beauty o the black and white design. You can get it for $12.99.

8. Sometimes, we need an extra blanket for a friend. If the first blanket in this article wasn’t the one for you, consider something with a pop of color. This block-coloured blanket is $59.99 but will give you some bright personality on a gloomy day.


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