When you think of bathroom essentials, you may think of a sink, a toilet, and a bath/shower combination. Sure, those are essentials that we need to get ready for the day, but they don’t exactly say something about you as a person. When redesigning your bathroom, you want some items in the room that define who you are as a person. If you are a designer, this could also be useful.

Here at “The Interior Dialogue,” we appreciate a great bathroom design. And if you are planning on doing a bathroom redesign – or just design – we’ve gathered some of our favorite must-have items. While some are bathroom essentials, other items are just plain fun.

1. Other than bathroom must-haves, such as a vanity set or a toilet, the first thing people see when they enter your bathroom is your shower curtain. And the design on this shower curtain can either make or break your design. Check out this text-print shower curtain from H&M home. It retails for $24.99, which is one the cheaper side of shower curtains.

2. When people borrow your bathroom, chances are they are going to wash their hands. This glass soap dispenser from H&M home will make the job much more enjoyable. It retails for $17.99.

3. A bath mat is also something you want to include in your design, so you have something soft to step onto after a warm bath. We found this IGGSJÖN Bathroom mat in black/white and gray from IKEA and it can be yours for just $6.99.

4. Sure, the bathroom may not be the most fabulous place, but you can make it more spa-like with stylish features. We suggest going for something like the SÖDERSVIK LED ceiling lamp from IKEA to make your bathroom a place you want to be. It’s yours for just $89.99.

5. Welcome to your bathroom! This mat has a bit more personality than the black and white one we just featured, but it definitely packs a punch. This Jacquard-weave bath mat is from H&M home and is $14.99.

6. You could just hang your towels on the wall on a regular towel rack, but you could also get this fancy towel stand for your towels. Who wouldn’t want the spa-like feel in their bathroom? This GRUNDTAL Towel stand is stainless steel and costs $29.99 from IKEA.

7. If you are planning on redesigning your entire bathroom, including the vanity set, we suggest buying a new tap for the bathroom. This SVENSKÄR Bathroom faucet is chrome plated and costs $99.00. This IKEA item looks timeless and chic.

8. Some people have their laundry baskets in their bathrooms and if you are one of those people, you know that there’s nothing worse than socks and underwear showing in see-through plastic laundry baskets. On our list of bathroom essentials, we’ve included this NORDRANA basket. You get a set of 2 in gray for $12.99 at IKEA.



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